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Elizabeth Henson 

Years in biz and counting

Fortunately, I found a better way. By focusing on simple marketing strategies, I was able to build a thriving business built on community and trust. Now it’s my great joy to help other creative leaders, fine artists, and CEO's do the same. 

If you’re ready to achieve your big dreams without burning out, and build a business around your life (not the other way around!), I’ve got you!

I see you, hustling hard to achieve your beautiful dreams and make a difference with your business. As a teacher turned photographer, and then a photographer turned CMO and community builder, I know what it’s like to take the big scary leap into entrepreneurship. I remember being overwhelmed with all the rules and the shoulds. You know, #allthethings I was supposed to do if I wanted to be successful. It seemed like if I really wanted to succeed, I’d have to spend a fortune and work 100 hours a week to make it happen.


creatives I have helped grow their creative biz


times a day I say "YAY"


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So you are an ambitious business owner...

Let’s Work Together!


It doesn't have to be daunting...

Social media can be defeating, it can rip apart our self esteem, and create major speed bumps and blind spots in our business. When we focus on relationships first and surround ourselves with women who empower our mindset, social media becomes a natural by product of our real life.  


The power of community 

Did you know you are the average of the five people you see most?  Take an audit of the people who influence your daily life. If we surround ourselves with like minded and ambitious women the uplevel is a no brainer. 


Listen, Advocate, Value

When people catch on that you truly see others, they’re going to know that you value their gifts. They will gravitate to you and they will trust you. This kind of relationship can bring in referrals, new clients, social media shout outs, and collaborations. It can be incredibly important and can even end up contributing to your bottom line. This is the simple power of acknowledging others, especially in the fast-paced world of social media.


I believe in empowering you to be exactly who you are...

… not coaching you to be something you’re not. Friend, building a  business is HARD ENOUGH, without adding on the pressure of trying to be some kind of Insta-perfect version of yourself.

That’s why I’m a marketing director on demand! I absolutely love helping other CEO's feel good about being the creative visionaries they are, and teaching them that they don’t have to conform in order to run a successful business.

I’m a mom and a wife with two businesses, two online communities, and a podcast. And I work a 15-hour work week. I do that by setting clear goals, taking intentional action, and staying in my zone of genius as a creative visionary.

Want to learn more about how I can help you stay in your visionary role and make more money doing what you love?

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