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Build real life connections for more profitable online success

Are you sick and tired of feeling invisible on social media to promote your business?  

Are you exhausted from spending 30 minutes on an Instagram post that only ends up getting two likes?? 

Have you spent hundreds of dollars on courses that promise to make you insta-famous and you fell totally flat?  

Imagine if you didn't even need a pesky social media strategy. 
What if Instagram and Facebook disappeared tomorrow?   
Social media strategy is NOT the only way to bring success to your business. In fact having authentic connection with real people will get results in less time with less effort!

What if you had raving fans talking about your business so you don't even have to? 


I help women grow powerful communities around their brand so they can have more impact on the world and grow their business.  Because I focused on in person relationships first, I didn’t have to struggle on social media.  I shared my journey from the beginning which built trust little bit little. People will not buy from you if they do not trust you.

Social media can feel daunting, it can rip apart our self esteem, and create major speed bumps and blind spots in our business. When we focus on relationships first and surround ourselves with women who empower our mindset, social media becomes a natural byproduct of our real life.  

I have worked with women one on one for years, but I wanted a program that brings women together and cultivates massive community and creates MORE impact. This is for you if you are looking to take action and Shine the Light on real relationships that can leverage your success. 

A mentor for creative dreamers and overachievers...

Hey, I'm Elizabeth

Introducing Shine the Light Society 

Shine The Light Society is a premier membership and group coaching program to grow and maximize your real life connections to drive more profit and success to your business.  

Shine the Light Society was created to bring real life connections to your business faster so you can gain more momentum from your online connections. The most successful social media strategy is to bring the power of real life into your online audience. I want to invite you to join us so that you can meet more people every single week and crush your social media goals!

Get instant access to the step by step program that can guarantee you to create stronger business networking skills.

What's included

Networking Skills

We have WEEKLY opportunities to collaborate, share, and get the word out about all that hard work you are doing.


Monthly guest speakers to educate you on all the hot topics for your rapid online growth. Touch points with Elizabeth to keep you moving forward.


An online community like no other!  Live chats, Monthly Think Tank Meetings, and make new friends, this will be your one stop shop of Facebook Groups!  


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Shine The Light society

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-An 8 Week program for the driven entrepreneur who wants to become an industry leader
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-Jessica Ryan Chenard

Shine the Light Society has helped me break out of my shell and connect with folks that I would have never connected with. I have a handful of new relationships that I would have never had without this group. We have connected via all the channels - FB, IG, Marco Polo, Voxer and Zoom! We all want to see each other win - which I haven't found anywhere else. The STLS group it's "ISO a relationship" first - service last. That I really appreciate. It is genuine.  

We all want to see each other win.

- Erin Daniel

Since joining STLS, my DMs are more active then ever, and my stories are getting more views then they’ve ever had. The BIG change from Shine the Light Society, was literally learning how to leverage relationships with other women bosses, and in turn my engagement has gone up. 

My DMs are more active than ever

-Kate Styles

It’s been so nice to meet people that can help you sort, brain dump, and BETTER your ideas/ideal clients. Having someone that’s outside the box to help you fine tune all these ideas you have— it’s been a blessing! I want to show up not just for myself, but for others!  I’ve been able to take away and make personal relationships with other business owners who want to help me succeed! Knowing I have cheerleaders in my corner is almost as amazing as it is to be someone’s cheerleader!

I want to show up not just for myself, but for others!

The whole idea is to SAVE you time. You can get results with as little as 10 intentional minutes each week, but an hour a week will really move the needle. Having a community around your business will save you time and energy on so many levels. You will spend less time spinning your wheels and more time making actionable progress. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm so busy, how much time will this take? 

How does it all work?  

So you will have access to your dashboard, that is hosted on Thinkfic. This will host all your video content so that you can watch at anytime.  There is also a private facebook group for daily collaboration.  Then we have workshops and Think Tank sessions on Zoom, which is like a big skype meeting so we can hang out face to face! The idea is not to show up for everything all the time, but to pop in when you need extra support.  

What does all this have to do with social media? 

When you make real connections on a foundation of common ground then social media interaction becomes so natural and effortless. Think about all the people that interact with you now, did you find them randomly via a hashtag?  Or have you slowly built their trust somehow?  This is not a social media pod, this is an actual community of women who love supporting each other and learning from one another. 


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