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Elizabeth Henson

I help entrepreneurs build powerful communities around their brand and become the go-to Leader in their field.

 I help creative entrepreneurs achieve radical success in their business by taking MASSIVE inspired action toward their goals and creating powerful communities around their brand.

If you’re sick of somedaying your big dreams and are ready to step into your purpose NOW, you are in the right place!

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Messypreneur (mess·ee·pre·neur) / noun

Spreadsheets and color coded planners don't have to be our thing to find success

A passionate visionary who colors outside the lines and still gets shit done, despite the messy process.

Some might call us unorganized; we prefer wildly creative.

“Before Shine The Light, I struggled to get much engagement on social media. Since I joined, I’ve met so many wonderful people, and I’ve even collaborated with several members on some amazing new projects. What’s more, I finally feel like I’m not just talking to a wall when it comes to sharing on social media. I now feel like there’s purpose and meaning behind it.”

I finally feel like I’m not just talking to a wall when it comes to sharing on social media.

- Tianna Tentzer, Yours Truly Portraiture

It’s been so nice to meet people that can help you sort, brain dump, and BETTER your ideas/ideal clients. Having someone that’s outside the box to help you fine tune all these ideas you have— it’s been a blessing! I want to show up not just for myself, but for others!  I’ve been able to take away and make personal relationships with other business owners who want to help me succeed! Knowing I have cheerleaders in my corner is almost as amazing as it is to be someone’s cheerleader!

I want to show up not just for myself, but for others!

-Kate Styles

-Jessica Norrell

Shine the Light Society has helped me break out of my shell and connect with folks that I would have never connected with. I have a handful of new relationships that I would have never had without this group. We have connected via all the channels - FB, IG, Marco Polo, Voxer and Zoom! We all want to see each other win - which I haven't found anywhere else. The STLS group it's "ISO a relationship" first - service last. That I really appreciate. It is genuine.  

We all want to see each other win.

- Erin Daniel

Since joining STLS, my DMs are more active then ever, and my stories are getting more views then they’ve ever had. The BIG change from Shine the Light Society, was literally learning how to leverage relationships with other women bosses, and in turn my engagement has gone up. 

My DMs are more active than ever

I know what you’ve heard…

What I’ve learned from my own experience in entrepreneurship and coaching dozens of other women is that what you REALLY need to succeed isn’t another system or social media strategy.

What you NEED to is to do is usually summed up in these 2 things:

You just have to have all the right systems and strategies in place to grow your business online—right? Friend, I call BS! 

By tapping into authentic relationships and making the right game-changing moves, you can finally start building the business of your dreams!

Taking MASSIVE inspired action to move the needle in your business. 

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