COMMUNITY is the backbone of your business and marketing.

Stay in your visionary role and still serve a community you love so much.

with an excited and engaged community behind you,
marketing becomes light and easy.

Are you playing by all the rules and following all the online business advice, only to be disappointed with the results?

Your Facebook Group or Social Platforms are not working for you? 

Do you feel like if you could just be more organized, have better processes, or create a better system, then you’d finally have it together?

Are you ready to be a leader in your business and your industry, and grow your community on automation? 

Building Community isn't a to-do list, it is a way of being.

Facebook Groups that I touch have an average rate of 60% active members. That means 60% of people are seeing your content. Just a few minutes a day inside a group of people that are dying to hear from you is all you need. 

 I’ve coached my clients to:

Book out their services for 6 months.

3X their revenue and community engagement.

Successfully launch and grow a community or Facebook Group with a clear marketing strategy.


We just started working with Elizabeth and have already established some killer goals and an amazing content bank! In the past our Facebook group lacked direction. It now has amazing content that is transferring into meaningful conversations. 

Elizabeth is a game changer!

-Joey V 

"Elizabeth is an absolute WIZARD at community management and business growth through organic community strategies. She's also just a real giver. Through her programs and 1:1 services as a community builder, she'll make your online communities fun, light and -of course- revenue generating!

"She's also just a real giver."


"Elizabeth Henson has been an incredible mentor, friend and cheerleader to me! From the very first day, she shared joyfully and with a true teacher’s heart. Her passion and drive are an inspiration to everyone she meets. My business would not be where it is today without her solid council, support and encouragement. If you have a crazy idea or a talent to share with the world, Liz will help you every step of the way!"

Her passion and drive are an inspiration to everyone she meets.

I can help you have the Community you always dreamed of.

If you’re looking for a STRATEGIST to give you 100 to-do lists and a bunch of systems and processes to implement right away,
I’m NOT her!

BUT, if you’re ready to FINALLY take meaningful action in your business and crush your big scary goals,
I am totally your girl.

By guiding you to set goals that drive results, take intentional daily action, and show up authentically for your audience, I can help you step into your visionary role and finally have that
dreamy business + community you’ve been longing for.

Getting help with your business should feel easy, light, and fun. I'm like your business BFF that knows when you need to be pushed and when you need to feel supported. I help women virtually and in person, and either way it is like a warm hug and a kick in your pants all at the same time.   

"the motivation you need to hit the finish line..."

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THE COMMUNITY based marketing AGENCY

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Stay in the Visionary Role OR learn to be the CMO of your own company with our unique systems that work. 


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The Process

Are you ready to take serious action and show up for your business in a way you never have?  Join me and lets show our children that as strong actionable women can truly do anything we put our mind to! 

I know there is so much more you want to do.

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I can't wait to hear from you and get started, then possibly do some karate in the garage. Whoop Whoop!