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Welcome to the Messy Success Podcast. Our host, Elizabeth Henson, is an expert in community based marketing. She helps high performing artists and creative leaders grow and scale communities so that marketing is easy.

The Messy Success Podcast combines business tips and real life experiences in being a creative entrepreneur. This podcast will leave you feeling confident, and normalizes the day to day struggles we all experience as business owners. 

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Elizabeth Henson 

Welcome to Episode 154 of The Messy Success Podcast! In this episode, Elizabeth and Alissa share deeply personal stories of overcoming overwhelm and rediscovering their passions. Alissa takes us through her transformation from considering quitting entrepreneurship to founding Coaching Craft Academy and embracing a nomadic lifestyle in Nashville. They explore the true essence of coaching, […]

154: Nomadic Dreams: Alissa Stevens’ Journey from Corporate World to Coaching Success

Welcome back to the Messy Success podcast! I’m your host, Elizabeth Henson, and today’s episode is especially for all you high-functioning creatives out there. If you’re constantly bursting with new ideas and eager to start fresh projects, you’re going to find this episode incredibly relatable. We’ll dive into the heart of why the Messy Success […]

153: Reframing Creativity with the Messy Success Brand

Welcome to episode 152 of The Messy Success Podcast with your host, Elizabeth. Today, we’re thrilled to welcome Jen Lemke, a dynamic business by design coach and NLP specialist who has transformed her life and career by mastering the art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In this episode, we dive deep into Jen’s journey from an esthetician […]

152: Mindset Mastery: How NLP Can Redefine Your Business and Personal Life with Jen Lemke

Welcome back to The Messy Success Podcast, episode 151, “Elevate Wrap-Up!” I’m your host, Elizabeth Henson, and today, I’m thrilled to dive into all the feels and details following our recent “Elevate and Inspire” event in Norfolk, Virginia. It’s been a whirlwind of hard work and adrenaline, and I’m here to share not just the […]

151: Behind the Scenes of a Successful Event: Elevate & Inspire Unpacked

Josh Haynam, co-founder of Interact, shares his entrepreneurial journey and the evolution of Interact as a quiz platform. He started his first company at 15, buying and selling electronics. In college, he met his co-founders and they built a quiz platform inspired by their own work. Over the years, they have helped thousands of customers […]

150: Grow Your Business Through True Connection with Josh Haynam from Interact

In this conversation, Jessica Rasdall shares her journey from a traumatic event to becoming a professional speaker and eventually starting the Speak to Scale agency. She discusses the evolution of her speaking career and how she helps business owners share their stories effectively. Jessica also talks about the transition to her new direction and the […]

149: Navigating the Impossible, Crafting Your Story, and Finding Your Niche in Speaking: A Conversation with Jessica Rasdall

Today, we’re in for a treat with our guest Kristina Knapp, an audacity coach and the CEO of Elixir Media Co, who’s here to light a fire under the idea of bold, authentic success. In this episode, we’re going beyond the buzzwords and tackling how to truly marry your purpose with your profits. Kristina shares […]

148: The Art of Becoming Unapologetically Audacious with Kristina Knapp

Dive into a thought-provoking conversation between Elizabeth Henson and Megan as they explore the intricacies of resistance, beliefs, and personal transformation. Spanning across two parts, this dialogue delves into the challenges of embracing change, unraveling deep-seated beliefs about money, and the journey towards self-discovery and growth. Join them as they navigate through insightful moments and […]

147: Embracing Change: A Deep Dive into Resistance and Transformation

Join Elizabeth Henson and her guest, Holly Haynes, on the Messy Success Podcast as they dive into Holly’s journey of helping female entrepreneurs build successful businesses on their own terms. From juggling corporate careers to creating flexible schedules, Holly shares insights and strategies to thrive in entrepreneurship without sacrificing work-life balance. SHOW NOTES: 01:10 Helping […]

146: Crush the Rush: Building a Thriving Business on Your Terms with Holly Haynes

Welcome to The Messy Success Podcast, I’m Elizabeth, and today’s guest is the extraordinary Nick Demos, a Tony Award-winning Broadway producer and storytelling savant. We’ll unpack Nick’s transformative journey from theater to yoga and the crucial role stories play in connecting and inspiring others. Nick will enlighten us with his strategies on sharing stories with […]

145: Making an Impact with Authentic Marketing Stories with Nick Demos

Welcome to The Messy Success Podcast, where we dive into the messy, creative, and ambitious journey of entrepreneurship. In this episode, host Elizabeth Henson discusses the power of being magnetic. Inspired by conversations with her business bestie and coach, Elizabeth explores the concept of being magnetic and shares her personal journey with it. She delves […]

144: Amplify Your Magnetic Presence – 5 Key Steps to Draw People Closer to You

Welcome to the latest episode of The Messy Success Podcast, where we dive into the insightful and inspirational world of events. In this episode, host Elizabeth takes us behind the scenes of her upcoming Elevate and Inspire event, sharing the passion, purpose, and planning that went into creating this transformative experience for high vibe business […]

143: Elevate and Inspire: A Space to Elevate, Connect, and Transform Your Business

Crochet Artist

Pam Grice, the founder of Crochetpreneur, shares her journey from being a therapist to building a successful crochet business. She emphasizes the profitability of crochet business and the importance of community support. Pam also discusses the challenges of going viral and the need for proper planning and scalability. She talks about her upcoming event for […]

142: Financial Liberation Through Artisan Entrepreneurship with Pam Grice

Join Elizabeth Henson in a dynamic conversation with Mitch Lawson, the entrepreneur behind Subflow. Dive into the challenges and rewards of the entrepreneurial journey, the art of community building, and how Subflow is revolutionizing audience engagement. Discover valuable insights into work-life balance, the power of owning your audience, and why one-on-one connections matter in the […]

141: Revolutionizing Community Building and Business Growth with Mitch Lawson

Join Elizabeth Henson in Episode 140 as she shares her journey through resistance and fear while launching the Elevate and Inspire in-person event happening in April. Learn how she navigates the inner dialogue, pushes past self-doubt, and embraces the growth that comes with stepping out of the comfort zone. Discover the powerful transformation waiting on […]

140: Breaking Through Resistance: Embracing Growth

In this episode, Elizabeth discusses the concept of being a high vibrational person and what it means. She explains that being high vibrational is not about being better than others, but rather about the emotional state and energy we emit. Elizabeth shares signs of being a high vibrational person, such as empathy, positivity, and good […]

139: Elevate Your Vibration: Signs of a High Vibe Person and How to Boost Yours

Join Elizabeth Henson on the Messy Success Podcast as she unveils her transformative “routine in a box” that defies the traditional morning routine mold. Whether you’re not a morning person or a dedicated early riser, Elizabeth shares practical insights, inspired by “The Miracle Morning,” on how to infuse your day with positivity, gratitude, and intentionality. […]

138: The Morning Routine for The Non-Morning People

Join Elizabeth Henson in this episode of the Messy Success Podcast as she introduces her theme for 2024—the 1% Adventure. Elizabeth shares insights into the inspiration behind this theme, how it relates to personal development, and its application in social media engagement. Discover the four categories of the 1% Adventure—exploration, reflection, gratitude, and taking action […]

137: The 1% Adventure: Navigating 2024 with Elizabeth Henson

Join us in this insightful episode as Adriana Keefe, a human design expert, delves into the world of human design, providing practical tips on how to leverage this tool for personal growth, navigate relationships, and understand your children better. Discover the power of tapping into your intuition, uncovering triggers, and embracing your unique design for […]

136: Unleashing Your True Self: Navigating Life and Relationships with Human Design Insights with Adriana Keefe

Embark on a transformative exploration of ambition, intuition, and self-discovery with this insightful conversation. Join the engaging dialogue between Elizabeth and Lalita as they delve into the essence of purpose, the significance of understanding oneself, and the power of intuition. Discover how to connect with your “big voice inside” and learn valuable insights on fulfilling […]

135: Unveiling Your Authentic Voice: Navigating Purpose, Story, and Silence with Lalita Gabriella Ballesteros

In this episode of the Messy Success Podcast, Elizabeth Henson sits down with Meg, a dynamic Aussie mom of three and the brilliant mind behind Collaboration Station—a game-changing online platform for digital creators seeking powerful collaboration opportunities. Join the conversation as Meg shares her journey, from resource creation to the evolution of Collaboration Station. Dive […]

134: A Deep Dive into Community, Coaching, and Collaboration with Meg Burrage

Elizabeth Henson sits down with Kristina Bartold, the co-founder of The Social Snippet, to explore the intricate landscape of social media strategies. Uncover a wealth of advice on podcast optimization, social media dynamics, and the art of nurturing digital communities in an ever-evolving online space. All with a few great belly laughs! SHOW NOTES: 08:43 […]

133: Mastering Social Strategies: A Conversation with Kristina Bartold

In this thought-provoking episode, Elizabeth Henson explores the inner conflict of ambition versus disapproval. Drawing from her experiences as an athlete, coach, and entrepreneur, she delves into the challenges of being ambitious in a world that often prefers conformity. Discover how to navigate criticism, embrace your ambitions, and stay true to your path, even when […]

132: They Hated Me Because I Wanted to Win: Embracing Ambition and Self-Discovery

Join host Elizabeth Henson as she welcomes Sarah Walton, a business coach and sales expert whose mission is to put more money in the hands of more women. In this empowering episode, Sarah shares her journey from growing up in a low-income household with a single mom to becoming a change-maker for women’s financial empowerment. […]

131: Getting more money in the hands of women | True Abundance with Sarah Walton

In this episode, we welcome Renae Fieck, a dedicated mom of three and a skilled occupational therapist. Renae specializes in empowering women to unlock their hidden potential by harnessing the power of their natural cycles. Her unique approach allows women to become thriving high achievers while maintaining a balanced and harmonious life. Discover how Renae […]

130: Maximizing Productivity Through Cycle Tracking with Renae Fieck

Join host Elizabeth Henson and special guest Delmith Morales as we explore the crucial aspects of standing out in the marketplace and maintaining impeccable organization for small businesses. Delmith, an enthusiastic handmade business owner and small business educator, shares invaluable insights throughout the discussion. Delmith, who serves as the head of Growth and Partnerships at […]

129: Elevate Your Business: Standing Out and Staying Organized with Inventora

Is your mission guiding your offers, or are your offers guiding your mission? Tune in to this episode as we delve deep into the delicate balance between your life’s mission and the offers you provide. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner, or simply someone seeking clarity in their professional path, this episode […]

128: Navigating Your Entrepreneurial Journey: Mission vs. Offer

Join host Elizabeth Henson in this episode of the Messy Success Podcast as she takes you on a journey from feeling overwhelmed and unhealthy to becoming a completely different and empowered person. Discover how she found a functional medicine doctor, addressed health issues, and experienced significant improvements in her energy and well-being. Elizabeth shares insights […]

127: Is Self Care Just a Buzz Word?

The Messy Success Podcast - How To Keep Positive Momentum Going in Your Business

Join Elizabeth as she delves into the secrets of maintaining positive momentum in the unpredictable world of creative entrepreneurship. Discover the importance of intentional creative space, the power of choosing the right self-development at the right time, and how the language you use can shape your success. Elizabeth shares her real-time insights and experiences to […]

126: How To Keep Positive Momentum Going in Your Business

Join host Elizabeth Henson on the Messy Success Podcast as she shares her unique perspective on marketing’s four essential phases. Dive into this insightful episode to discover how to build a strong brand, find your value, increase profitability, and reach your highest potential. Whether you’re a creative entrepreneur or a business owner, Elizabeth’s practical advice […]

125: The Four Phases Of Marketing – Especially For The Creatives And Artists!

Join host Elizabeth Henson on the Messy Success Podcast as she delves into the art of crafting your ideal workday. In this episode, Elizabeth explores the importance of defining your perfect day, adopting the right characteristics, and making actionable commitments to manifest your dream workday. Whether you’re a business owner, creative, or high-achieving artist, you’ll […]

124: Three Steps to Make Your Dream Work Day a Reality

Step into the world of creative entrepreneurship with Elizabeth as she has a candid conversation with Mariah Magazine and Shay Schindler, the hosts of the “Curiously Guided” podcast. In this episode, the trio dives deep into the journey of creative entrepreneurship, embracing authenticity, and navigating the twists and turns of success. They share their personal […]

123: Doing Things Differently with Mariah and Shay of Curiously Guided

Join us as we start back from summer break! We are excited to share some behind-the-scenes updates and announcements about what’s in store for the upcoming year. Tune in for a sneak peek at the Community Growth Lab’s upcoming enrollment, a free masterclass, and exciting upgrades. But that’s not all! Elizabeth has been inspired to […]

122: Turning Ambition into Action: Announcements & Inspiring Ventures

Have you ever thought about creating an online course or promoting a digital product of some kind, and you’re a little weary of how to proceed without a lot of overhead investment? Well, today Elizabeth shares her recent switch from Kajabi to Thrive Cart, which is saving her $150 a month or more. SHOW NOTES: […]

121: Three Things to prepare for a summer work schedule with kids home

Join us in this power-packed episode as we dive into the world of networking and discover the secrets to building meaningful connections that fuel business growth. Our guest, Inbal Claudio, the founder of Like-Minded Collective, shares her expert insights on leveraging communities, fostering collaborations, and creating a thriving network. Learn how to unleash the full […]

120: From Candlemaking to Tech Founder: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in the Like Minded Collective

Award-winning business and marketing strategist Maggie Giele shares her expertise on building a successful group coaching program. Designed for individuals who have contemplated offering group coaching services in their businesses, Maggie offers insights on attracting premium clients, scaling with a leveraged one-to-many approach, and achieving remarkable results. With her own journey from burnout to record-breaking […]

119: How To Create a High Ticket Group Coaching Program with Maggie Giele

Not sure if a Facebook group is right for your business? Tune in as I chat with my business bestie, Angie McPherson; personal branding photographer, marketing strategist, educator, and hype-woman about how she went from not wanting a Facebook group to growing an engaged, lead-generating Facebook group in less than a year. SHOW NOTES: 05:12: […]

118: Is a Facebook Group Right For Your Business with Angie McPherson

Do you have a Facebook group but feel like it needs to be revived? If so, you’re not alone. In fact this even happened to me; a professional community builder! I’m sharing my secrets in this podcast episode on how to revive your Facebook group with four simple steps. I followed these exact steps and […]

117: 4 Ways To Revive Your Facebook Group

Building a business out of a passion is exactly what Marvin Flavian of MK Flav Video LLC has done! Listen in as Liz and Marvin chat about how to turn your passion into a profitable business that shines the light on others. They discuss everything from; Whether or not to jump on TikTok trends How […]

116: Video Marketing Strategy with Marvin Flavien

How can you use customer service and light and easy goal setting to help your business stand out? Tune in as I share a heart-warming story about one of my very first photography clients gifting me an antique Pentax 6X7 camera and how that gesture made me realize what the most important part of any […]

115: Sharing Your Creative Journey as Part of Your Business Model

Are you considering switching CRM (customer relationship management) software? Or maybe you’re looking at a new LMS (learning management software)? Whatever big changes you’re looking to make in your business, you want to make sure you make the changes as light and easy as possible. That’s why Liz walks you through her decision making process […]

114: Honeybook vs 17hats | How to make big changes in your business with less stress

How do you know it’s the right time to hire a graphic designer for your business? Or better yet, a creative director on-demand? Tune in as Liz chats with Illiah Manger of C&V Creative about the difference between graphic design and a creative director. They talk about how to calculate the ROI of graphic design, […]

113: Graphic Design vs Creative Direction with Illiah Manger | Your Creative Director on Demand

How can simplifying your business actually lead to MORE revenue? Tune in as Liz shares our Q2 goals and how she’s choosing to focus more on service and the journey of multi-passionate entrepreneurship as opposed to the bottom line. We’d love to know 👇 what was your biggest takeaway from this episode? What really resonated […]

112: Your Small Business can be Simple AND Profitable

As an artist, whether you’re an author, painter, or actor you’ve got to market yourself and your art. But how do you market your art in an authentic manner? In this episode I sat down with Miriam Schulman of The Inspiration Place to chat about all things art and marketing. Listen in to learn why […]

111: Messy Success Marketing for Artists with Guest: Miriam Schulman

There are so many different marketing platforms out there how do you know which ones are the right-fit for your business? In this episode I sat down with Megan Johnson of Love Family Health to chat about how to utilize Pinterest as a marketing platform. She answered questions like; What’s the best Pinterest strategy? How […]

110: How Pinterest Can Work in Your Business with Guest: Megan Johnson of Pinterest Ninja

Are Facebook groups dead? No way! In fact, Facebook groups can be a light and easy way to move potential customers through an authentic marketing funnel that builds community while helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Tune in for five ways Facebook groups can help you grow your business. SHOW NOTES: 01:35 – Why Facebook groups […]

109: 5 Reasons Why Facebook Groups Are Important

How can I diversify revenue as an entrepreneur? This is a common question, which is why I dig in this week, to several different options for multi-passionate business owners to diversify their revenue streams. We talk about affiliate marketing and sponsorship (in an authentic matter), as well as diversifying revenue through your offerings. I can’t […]

108: How to diversify your revenue with affiliate marketing in a light and easy way

What is a quiz funnel and how can it make your marketing plan light and easy? Tune in as I chat with Kylie Lang the #QuizQueen for coaches, course creators and service providers. We give you a behind the scenes look at how we built my new quiz funnel for Elizabeth Henson Co. and how […]

107: How to make a Quiz for your website with Kylie Lang

Do you feel like your mental health often struggles as a business owner? If so, you’re not alone. Sometimes just knowing that other entrepreneurs are also looking for ways to take care of their mental health while growing a business is helpful. That’s why I’m giving you a behind the scenes look at how I’m […]

106: Mental Health, Entrepreneurship, and Growth

Why Flodesk is the best email platform for building community. Is Flodesk worth it? With so many email marketing platforms out there, I know it can be daunting to choose the best email marketing platform. That’s exactly why I’m breaking down why Flodesk is the best system for community builders. Tune in to hear: 💚 […]

105: Is Flodesk Worth It

What does being visible mean and why is it so important when it comes to growing your business? In today’s episode we’re going to chat about eight easy ways to become more visible in your business and marketing. Tune in to learn: ⭐️ Why brand recognition is important. ⭐️ How to get clear in your […]

104: How to increase visibility for your business

How do you balance being a multi-passionate, entrepreneur while also prioritizing your family? Tune in, to hear how Ashley Freehan of The Purpose Gathering chats with us about: ⭐️ How to boost your productivity during the day? ⭐️ The importance of a like-minded, mompreneur community (whether in-person or virtual). ⭐️ How she went took her […]

103: Work-Life Balance as a Mom + Entrepreneur with Ashley Freehan from The Purpose Gathering

Is Turo an easy, passive income? Yes and no 😉 . Tune in as I chat with Elizabeth Henson Co’s CFO (my husband Mark) about our messy success journey with Turo. How to set up a successful Turo listing? What do you need to start renting your vehicle with Turo? How to market your vehicle? […]

102: Our Messy Success with Turo

Need a marketing plan for 2023? You’re in luck, because today I’m sharing my super simple 2023 marketing plan. Spoiler alert: You only need two things. PLUS, learn about an opportunity to actually stay accountable when it comes to your marketing plan for the year. Tune in to hear the two things you need for […]

101: New Year, New Marketing Plan

We made it!!!  Sit with me for the next half an hour as I reminisce on my journey, appreciate what I have right now, and look forward to what’s coming next. NOTE: We’re also going to take a little break SO if you feel like you’re going to miss me or would like to chat, […]

100 🎉 Episode 100: Five Big Things Worth Sharing…

✨The countdown to 100✨ From how we handled building connections way, way, back to the digital era of network marketing — Denise and I talked about them all! In this episode, my friend, a network marketing queen 😉 shared how being a good human will help your business grow.. plus a ton more golden nuggets! […]

99: Community Based Marketing with Denise Romney

✨The countdown to 100✨ In this episode, I broke down several ways how I repurpose my content and how my exceptional team assists me as I continue to manifest my goal of staying in the visionary and creator mode. It’s pretty raw, messy, and in progress BUT exciting! If you have any tips, tricks or […]

98: Repurposing Content So I Can Work Less

✨The countdown to 100✨ This is the part 2 of Episode 84 😁 And this time, we’re going to dive deeper into how Joy successfully managed and grow her Photo Boss online community. Grab your notebook and pens because there are a TON of golden nuggets here that you wouldn’t want to miss!! AND if […]

97: Growing a Community to Over 10K with Joy Michelle

✨The countdown to 100✨ In this episode, I’ve answered questions and shared my golden nuggets about those good-looking reviews we see online. And believe me – it’s NOT rocket science and it CAN be authentic positive reviews if you’ll stick to the goal of getting: ✨The actual transformation✨ Can’t wait to find out more? Grab […]

96: How to get Screenshot Worthy Content

✨The countdown to 100✨ For this episode, I’ll discuss the different stages of community building and explain what you can do for each stage. If you’re looking for assistance, check out the links below, book a call with me and let’s discover the possibilities that your community can achieve! Are you enjoying The Messy Success […]

95: The 3 Stages of Community Building

I might not have all the answers just YET — because we’re in the middle of experimenting and just trying some features out.. but through this episode, I’m going to walk you through the significant information I gathered about Facebook Reels in hopes that you’ll learn with me and open up several conversations with the […]

94: How I started getting paid for Facebook Reels

I don’t usually talk about my birthday but for some reason, 40 just feels different 💖 For this episode, it’s going to be a mix of my personal and professional manifestations. I’m going to share what I’ll be bringing along and letting go of for this new chapter of my life. And if you’re up […]

93: My 40th Birthday Reflection

This is going to be a great episode, a very necessary episode — because we’re going to dive deeper into WHY your community is struggling to engage or perhaps grow in a positive direction. Don’t forget: Let me know your thoughts, experiences, and opinions. I would LOVE to know how it went for you too! […]

92: Five Things That Could Be Killing Your Facebook Group

If you’re a fan of wrestling, following the world of the Olympics, or you’re simply inspired to hear messy success stories, you’ll definitely love this episode! From the years of Napster to the digital era of social media, Jason will inspire you to keep dreaming; because really, achieving success isn’t all about sunshine and rainbows. […]

91: Broadcasting Down Memory Lane with Jason Bryant

Join me in an episode where I pour my thoughts and take about working on yourself, your business, the algorithms, and how all these tie-up in achieving your goals If this episode resonated with you, please leave a review or even a DM — let me know what you learned and what your notion about […]

90. My Thoughts on Social Media Algorithms

Raise your hand if you’re a geeky entrepreneur who just loves to make the most out of their online tools and make life easier? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️ And for these solo/entrepreneurs who are just diving into the wonderful world of online and technology, hang in there!! This episode is a chunk full of helpful information about the […]

89: My Favorite Business Tools

Hello! Hello!! It has been a really good week for me, for my entrepreneurial networking, and for the business 🥰 And of course, as always, I am sharing with you, my dear business besties all these fun and helpful nuggets I was able to pick up along the way. I hope my tips will encourage […]

88: How To Get More Members Into Your Facebook Group

A new intro + a big idea + a thousand views on my Instagram reel.. we’ve come THIS far! Instead of breaking this into a 2-part episode, I’m gonna share it all in here — so sit back, relax and let me know right after what your thoughts are about (1) my successful Instagram reel, […]

87: How My Reel Went Viral

After 4 years into this podcast.. here we are!! I’m still messy, still owning the messy success brand.. but there’s definitely a LOT of growth! 😉 In this episode, I shined the light to the people who played a role towards this success, shared lessons learned, takeaways from incorporating systems, and how reclaiming my time […]

86: A Turning Point in My Creative Business

A LOT happened and it just felt like I time-traveled to March.. which is awesome! Just goes to show that when you’re productive, time really flies by fast 💚 For this episode, sit with me as I talk about what I’m seeing and why I still prefer Facebook Groups over any other platforms for creatives […]

85: Why Facebook Groups are still great

You’re probably already subscribed on our incredible guest’s channel — and if not, you’ll most likely will after tuning in on this episode! 😉  Sit with us for less than an hour as Joy Michelle unravels everything about raising her business, workflow, time with her family, and why commitment is important in achieving THAT success. […]

84: Making an impact on YouTube and beyond with Joy Michelle

January started a little steady HOWEVER after the holidays, family time, two weeks off, and COVID.. I am back, I am energetically back!! I have a lot of topics to cover and I feel like I was able to do that on one of my Friday live episodes inside the Community Builder Facebook Group – […]

83: Q&A Inside the Community

To kick off 2022, I’m letting you come with me behind the scenes and share how our family adjusted with our newly adopted dog! Disclaimer: It’s quite far (but still beautiful) from what I expected it to be 😅😁 Show Notes: 00:11 – So.. we got a pet dog!! 00:44 – Maddie and Mommy time […]

82: What I Really Learned About Getting A Dog

For the last episode of 2021, I’m bringing one of my favorite humans, our shine the light gym leader in Shine The light Community.. Jennifer Jayne! This is the perfect episode to sit down with while you’re enjoying the holiday break and mapping out how you’d like your 2022 to be. If this episode resonated […]

81: Knowing Your Core Values with Jennifer Jayne

You better want your notepads ready! 📝 My good friend and business coach, Katrina Widener joins me as we dive deeper and talk about human design and decision making authority. It is such a wonderful topic to cover especially with what I’m currently going through. I believe this episode will shed more light on those […]

80: Decision Making Authority with Katrina Widener

Happy holidays everyone! This magical season is all about manifesting and here I am.. in this episode.. manifesting everything I want for 2022 ✨ Tune in and I hope that at the end of this episode, I’ll be seeing YOUR name in my inbox! 😁 Show Notes: 00:10 – Quick update 00:32 – This week […]

79: My 2022 Wishlist

This week’s entrepreneur guest is young, loves helping people with their personal growth, and is amazing in every single way! She’s here to send us a message on behalf of the deaf community – because more than going about businesses, entrepreneurs also make human connections, and these connections.. it helps us open our eyes around […]

78: Advocating for the deaf with Kellina Powell

My big feelings are waiving hello!!! 👋🏻  Join me as I talk through my thoughts on living the best of both worlds of being an entrepreneur and intrapreneur, handling these big feelings, and how to achieve that perfect work week! AND if you’re interested in having one of my dear friends be a guest on […]

77: Entrepreneur vs Intrapreneur & BTS

Now that I’m in a place where I can fully share what I’ve been through, I hope to inspire YOU to share yours too! This episode is my gentle reminder to EVERYONE that YOU are not alone in this. Show Notes: 00:17 – This week in The Messy Success Podcast 01:15 – Why I’m sharing […]

76: Behind the Scenes: My Health Journey

You’re in for a thrill! 😉 My good friend, Diane Mayor is a wealth of knowledge! She’s a business strategist who has helped many entrepreneurs hit their time and money goals. How? It’s through managing superpowers the right way! And nope, we’re not talking about playing dress-up and make-believe – we’re talking about embracing your […]

75: How to Use Our Unique Superpower to Be More Productive in Our Business with Diane Mayor

In this episode of the Messy Success Podcast, we talked about that ugly truth about social media posts.. NOT all posts are going to be successful – AND THAT’S OKAY 😉 Tune in as I break down the 3 steps you should do when a post flops.. or even when it doesn’t! Because the better […]

74: When A Social Media Post Flops

Aannddd.. we’re back!!! After 3 months of hiatus, I’m starting October off with a fresh set of goals, clarity with what’s to come, and a big announcement about where my business is now heading. Tune in as I share along a chock-full of updates, ideas, information, and a FREEBIE that can help you, your team, […]

73: The Community Builder

I’m so excited for you to meet Adam Grossman! Adam makes real estate fun! Owner of AMG Reality, LLC and Founder of The Grossman Group. Adam has built his real estate empire to over seven figures while giving back to the community and bringing laughter to social media!  Adam shares his journey and what led […]

72: Making Real Estate Fun with Adam Grossman

In this Episode Elizabeth shares the five pillars of the community management role in a digital business. Whether you are a solopreneur, or already have a team this will set you up for success in growing a thriving community. Want more leads from your facebook group or social media platform? You will love this!  https://elizabethhenson.co/coffeechat

71: The 5 Pillars of Community Management

Have you ever felt like building a strong community around your brand and mission seemed impossible? Or even just really, REALLY hard You’re not alone, dude. So many of us want MORE than just followers. Seeing that number grow can definitely feel good, because you know that your message is getting out there, BUT… is […]

70: The Business Growth Advantage – Community Strategy

Jessica Ryan Chernard is a photographer, writer, and founder of Her Hike Collective. Jessica created a community when she couldn’t find one for herself! Her Hike Collective brings women together to Hike and find connection. Jessica lost her brother to an adderall addiction in 2011 which over the years has fueled her passion for writing. […]

69: Creating Community Around a Bigger Purpose

More exciting behind the scenes! Today I’m sharing BIG dreams for my photography business. I was so close to hanging it all up, and in this episode I’m sharing what changed everything! This one is juicy! Are you feeling unsure of your 5 year plan? 10 year plan? This might just spark some clarity for […]

68: What’s new in the photography world?

This episode is totally unscripted… oh wait, they all are!  Today we are sharing BTS of some big announcements, and a small but important conversation about cost vs ROI. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Thank you for listening, you are amazing and with out you, there would be no podcast!

67: Totally unscripted – a big oops and more….

Tatiana Hill is back with us on the Messy Success Podcast! She was on episode 16 back in 2018 and now she is back to share the deepest part of her heart. Over the last year Tatiana grew her business during the pandemic as well as a divorce. She feeds our soul with her words […]

66: Tatiana Hill: A True Year of Messy Success

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65: Diverse Revenue & Memberships

I consider myself to have a blessed childhood and a pretty normal “story” for the most part. I always see people get on stage and they have this big meaningful story or adversity. I always wondered what in the world I could speak about when it comes to MY story.  Hear how a group of […]

64: What to do when you don’t have a story…

Shine The Light Member Cilla Tuckson shares her journey over the last year. After moving to the states only three weeks before the Pandemic shut down, she had to get creative and uncomfortable to grow her business.  Cilla’s Blog post   Cilla on IG 

63: A year in the US with Cilla Tuckson

I hear way too often that creative women don’t feel comfortable in sales. It feels icky, gross, or pushy. The classic, Have you ever said to yourself? “I don’t want to send too many Emails because I’ll be annoying” I’m here to give you two super quick game changers that will flip the script about […]

62: Quick Tips | How to get more sales

This is a special episode dedicated to my besty Angie.  I’m taking you down an emotional journey of our 8 year friendship which leads us to her recent cancer diagnosis. Hear what kept me up at night, and why this is such an important conversation of what it means to have a rock solid adult friendship.  […]

61: My best friend’s cancer diagnosis

Have you ever wondered what a business coach actually does?  Or what it looks like to work with one?  Well I can’t speak for every experience, but in this episode I’m sharing a sneak peek and behind the scenes of what it is like to work with me! Including real conversation points with a client, […]

60: BTS of business coaching

Elizabeth shares 2021 updates, goals, and the constant shifting of business. Everything from new teams, exciting learning opportunities, and how taking on more work creates even more clarity. 

59: Keeping it Light & Easy

Danya is a former Olympic Head Athletic Therapist and Strength & Conditioning coach turned entrepreneur – where she helps other entrepreneurs, coaches, athletes and business owners move, feel and perform their best. In this episode we talk about how I’m creating new habits, and making the changes needed to embody the lifestyle of a fit […]

58: Healthy from the inside out with Danya Douglas Hunt

What if struggles aren’t actually struggles?  In this episode Elizabeth shares a reflection of the last two years where she has been really pivoting into her coaching business. People love to insert their outside opinions, let’s talk about how we can cope with that. The ebbs and flows of our intuition can be the best […]

57: What can struggles teach us?

In this episode, Elizabeth shares her transformation from being in tears to abundance in two years. Some of the most amazing things that she has learned about business, about herself, about growth, and about self-development have nothing to do with money, and everything to do with perspective. I do feel like I have so much […]

56: Opportunity over Circumstance

Meet Joey Vitale!  Thinking about the law shouldn’t slow you down. Joey’s powerful approach to the law will actually help you grow and build momentum. The truth is you DO NOT OWN your brand without trademarks! Which means you could lose your whole brand overnight. Don’t worry, Joey’s got you, and he makes it FUN! JOEY ON INSTAGRAM […]

E55: Get Legit with Joey Vitale

Jessica Norrell is the owner of MOZN Solutions. She was also a centerpiece in my business growth of 2019 AND one of my rockstar students.  We helped each other grow in different ways and I LOVE revisiting our journeys over the past year!  Jessica is pro level project manager and is always so grounded, she […]

E54: Endless Potential with Jessica Norrell

Kaitlyn helps online business owners shift into a business that is aligned, profitable, and effortless. That way they can make more money, work less hours, and actually love their work.

E53: Effortless Success with Kaitlyn Kessler

Why I did, and almost didn’t, become an affiliate. I want this Episode to feel like girlfriends chatting on the couch over wine…. gosh I miss that during the pandemic right!?   Have you looked into the companies you are shopping with? Hear why this company has women I want my girls to look up to…. […]

E52: The Lip Bar

Jessica Norrell is sharing some quick tips with us on her journey to being a full time entrepreneur. What an amazing journey that goes full circle, all here on the Messy Success Podcast! This is a fun episode because I’m bringing back Episode 32 where I shared all the secrets to quitting your day job […]

E51: So you want to quit your day job?

Elizabeth updates on everything from life, kids, and work!  Why I’m not following the crowd when I make decisions during the pandemic and what is new in work life… including my latest dream come true!

E50: All the latest life and work updates

Meet my friend and student Jenn from Orange Sky Wellness. We talk about puppies, breath work and her new business venture!  As a respiratory therapist who’d spent her career working with the breath, this felt like truth. It felt like coming home. Jenn knew her purpose was to share this beautiful gift of breath with other […]

E49: Living a more fulfilling and intentional life with Jenn Redden

In this episode Elizabeth shares an actual recording of a Facebook Live Masterclass on leadership.  Want to learn how to become a big fish in a small pond?  Want your downline or community to learn how to attract more customers and clients?  There are so many golden nuggets in this raw episode!

E48: Behind The Scenes of a Masterclass with Elizabeth

Tamra has always had the entrepreneur spirit!  This episode features so many of her talents and her journey from going from a brick and mortar business into online communities.   Enjoy the girl talk, postpartum tips, and her pursuit of relationships and best self!  

E47: Community Spotlight with Tamra Andress

Yes Magic!  Like DISNEY MAGIC!  You will love my friend Amanda and her journey from Teaching to Etsy to DISNEY!!!   Amanda is an amazing member of Shine The Light Society and one of our top fans of the Messy Success Podcast.  I’m so excited to introduce her to you! 

E46: Member Spotlight with Amanda Peterson

Kate Styles is one of my star students and an active member of our community.  Her growth in the last year has been epic.  Kate shares with us her story and encouragement.  She’s not only passionate about photographing women, but she loves to empower and cheer on other women too. You will love her!  https://katestylesphotography.com/ […]

E45: How Kate Styles doubled her revenue in one year

Are up openly admitting that your business is repelling people with out realizing it???  Elizabeth shares 7 strategies you should NEVER do in business.  Plus bonus content from the community!   YOU may not even realize that you are doing one of these things… 

E44: 7 Things NOT to do in business

Let’s talk maternity leave, leadership, and the big awkward conversation of adult friendships in entrepreneurship. Elizabeth shares how friendships have changed and evolved and how she has learned to navigate though challenges.

E42: Entrepreneur life and adult friendships

Elizabeth shares  What are the key takeaways after one year of podcasting? What are the challenges of starting a podcast? Also… how the simple question “What are you waiting for?” can change everything! 

E41: One year later

One thing that I love about Mariah is that she fearlessly jumped into entrepreneurship after completing only one semester of college. College isn’t necessarily the only pathway to being an entrepreneur. Mariah has always known that she wanted to work for herself and she became interested in coding at an early age. (You’ll have to […]

E40: Website Strategy with Mariah Liszewski

As women, we’re often searching for that elusive idea of work-life balance, especially as creative entrepreneurs. Our work life can so easily start to creep into our family life and it’s important to set those boundaries. I love what Kari says about this idea of work-life balance. In fact, she comes right out and says […]

E39: Business Happy Hour with Kari Roberts

Kathryn Hofer is an amazing entrepreneur who is solving planning problems for creative entrepreneurs. While working at a non-profit, Kathryn was burned out and ready for a change. She wanted a business that fit into her life and to avoid the negative emotions and stress that her job was bringing her. After thinking about the […]

E38: Modern Planning with Kathryn Hofer

In this Episode lets talk about  How to create work around your life and not life around your work!  I’m covering 4 major components to time management that have changed everything.  We are also busting a few myths out there about what “successful people must do.”  We get to write our own rules my friend and I’m […]

E37: My 15 hour Work Week

This week on the podcast I have YouTube strategist for creatives Trena Little. I have loved getting to know Trena over the last few years and you guys are going to love her, too. In this episode, we’ll talk to Trena about how you can leverage video and YouTube for your business. What are some […]

E36: Youtube Happy Hour with Trena Little

Focus on Our Ideal Outcomes More than We Focus on Our Problems If you suddenly had an endless pile of money from your business, what organization, charity, or nonprofit would you donate to? I posted this question on my social media accounts and I loved seeing all of your answers – it really helped me […]

E35: Build your business with more love and less Strategy

Meet Elli Runkles!   Elli and I met through our mutual friend Reina from Reina & Co. She shares the most common mistakes people make in their copy as well as some of her favorite tips! I love where this conversation goes as it naturally unravels. Elli is located in Spain and you will love her!  Shownotes 

E34: Copy Chat Happy Hour with Elli Runkles

Elizabeth shares one of her big takeaways from her trip to California.    What is our story, what’s our purpose, what makes us different? The next time someone asks you this, I want you to have your story ready. What is the bigger picture of why you do what you do?

E33: What makes you unique?

Elizabeth shares three essential tips for quitting your day job and going full time. This process looks different for everyone, but if we an do these three things we can move the needle on making those full time dreams come true. 

E32: The Secrets to going full time

I asked an everyone wanted to hear about baby #3!  I’m excited to share about my journey in motherhood and what that looks like behind the business. I think you will be surprised.  This episode is a good reminder that everyone is going through something, even when they show up totally normally for their day […]

E31: Q & A and baby #3

I’ve been a photographer for six years. I truly love it, and I love serving my clients the way I do. But as my children get older I’m needing more Saturday’s at home so I’m leaning into coaching and helping other women create thriving communities around their brand. I’m excited for you to walk through […]

E30: My Biggest Business Roadblocks