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Elizabeth Henson 

I hear way too often that creatives are procrastinating on their big dreams for all the reasons...

Maybe you’ve already taken a few steps, but you’re not seeing the results you want.

What if messy is ok? What if you CAN be successful by being you? I'm here to tell you it doesn't take fancy strategy or a color coded spread sheet...

If that sounds like you...

No big hoops to jump through, no 10-step process—just a coffee chat for you!

I’d love to help un-complicate your business, so you can start showing up for your community RIGHT NOW.

 Most of us are trying to be everything for our businesses, from the CEO to the marketing team. So yes, we need a strategy—but we need one that works for the way WE do business.

In the world of creative entrepreneurship, there’s enough talk  to make your head spin.

And all the rules and systems and courses can make it downright intimidating to get started or find growh. In fact, some of the most common obstacles I help my creative coaching clients overcome are overwhelm, lack of time, or simply struggling with where to go next...

Here’s the thing:

For me, that’s imperfect and messy. 

Is it the “right” way? Some marketing experts would probably say it’s not. But it’s the way this messypreneur gets it done—and it works! I have an amazing community that genuinely loves hearing from me, and I got there by putting one foot in front of the other. I know you can, too.

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 Think of this as a business coffee chat with your best friend who actually gets you.

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Ready to get started? 

Already hitting your goals and instafamous??  This isn't for you... 

This is for you if you’re finally ready to be the leader you know you can be, and you understand no one can do this alone.

"Before Liz's email workshop, I felt overwhelmed, unable to take action (paralyzed from the overload of info from "gurus" teaching overdone strategies and using platforms that are not beginner or messy-preneur friendly), and unsure of how to show up for my audience. I was afraid to pop up in anyone's inbox and even more afraid of what to say.
Afterwards, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders from the energizing boost of confidence and peace,
as a very unstructured creative businesswoman!
I cannot recommend a simpler, more encouraging, more straight to the point approach than how Ms. Henson guided us through her Flodesk walkthrough and tips on making a point while being ourselves. Now, I know I've got this and I cannot wait to make connections like never before.
Best money I've ever spent, and I'm so sad I didn't find this sooner! Liz's knowledge and coaching style gets you pumped, holds you accountable, is attentive, and most of all...fuels RESULTS!"

-Tiffany J

What to expect:

-This call is for you!
I will ask questions to get to know you and your business.

-We share some goals and dreams.

-We will dive deep for 25 minutes and I promise you will leave with some fresh inspiration and direction.

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I help women grow powerful communities around their brand so they can have more impact on the world and grow their business.  Because I focused on in person relationships first, I didn’t have to struggle on social media.  I shared my journey from the beginning which built trust little bit little. People will not buy from you if they do not trust you.

Social media can feel daunting, it can rip apart our self esteem, and create major speed bumps and blind spots in our business. When we focus on relationships first and surround ourselves with women who empower our mindset, social media becomes a natural byproduct of our real life.  

I have worked with women one on one for years, but I wanted a program that brings women together and cultivates massive community and creates MORE impact. This is for you if you are looking to take action and Shine the Light on real relationships that can leverage your success. 

A mentor for creative dreamers and overachievers...

Hey, I'm Elizabeth

Thank you!

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