Elizabeth Henson

102: Our Messy Success with Turo



102: Our Messy Success with Turo

Is Turo an easy, passive income? Yes and no 😉 . Tune in as I chat with Elizabeth Henson Co’s CFO (my husband Mark) about our messy success journey with Turo. How to set up a successful Turo listing? What do you need to start renting your vehicle with Turo? How to market your vehicle?

We answer all of these questions and more, so listen in, and let us know what additional questions you have, so we can get them answered in upcoming podcasts.


00:22 What is Turo?

01:28 Meet our CFO 😉 .

03:53 Our love story.

05:17 Why we chose Turo as an added income stream?

07:11 What exactly IS Turo?

08:20 How to actually be SUCCESSFUL with Turo.

10:50 How to prepare your vehicle to be a Turo rental.

12:55 Marketing your Turo rental.

14:40 How flexible are Turo rentals?

15:54 How to set your Turo listing apart – and actually get renters.

17:35 Should your register your Turo rental business as an LLC?

19:35 Is a Turo rental the right fit for me?


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