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123: Doing Things Differently with Mariah and Shay of Curiously Guided



123: Doing Things Differently with Mariah and Shay of Curiously Guided

Step into the world of creative entrepreneurship with Elizabeth as she has a candid conversation with Mariah Magazine and Shay Schindler, the hosts of the “Curiously Guided” podcast. In this episode, the trio dives deep into the journey of creative entrepreneurship, embracing authenticity, and navigating the twists and turns of success. They share their personal experiences, from building businesses to evolving roles, and discuss the importance of intuition and personal growth in shaping your entrepreneurial path. Tune in for insights on leveraging online platforms, the power of self-reflection, and how to approach sales with joy. This episode is a roadmap to building a business that resonates with your passions and values.


06:52 – The power of self-reflection and embracing authenticity.

11:15 – Navigating the messy journey of success and evolving roles.

14:45 – The role of intuition in making business decisions.

18:05 – Finding alignment between personal values and business growth.

25:00 – Embracing evolution and creating a business that aligns with personal passions.

30:05 – Building multiple revenue streams and exploring new business models.

35:00 – Exploring Amazon and e-commerce opportunities for creative products.

38:33 – Upcoming projects and how to support Mariah and Shay.

40:00 – Discussing the evolving nature of social media marketing and the shift to reels.


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