Elizabeth Henson

134: A Deep Dive into Community, Coaching, and Collaboration with Meg Burrage



134: A Deep Dive into Community, Coaching, and Collaboration with Meg Burrage

In this episode of the Messy Success Podcast, Elizabeth Henson sits down with Meg, a dynamic Aussie mom of three and the brilliant mind behind Collaboration Station—a game-changing online platform for digital creators seeking powerful collaboration opportunities. Join the conversation as Meg shares her journey, from resource creation to the evolution of Collaboration Station. Dive into the challenges of live calls, the value of setting boundaries, and the transformative impact of emotional intelligence in community management. Discover the platform’s future projects, including curated collaborations and enhanced affiliate management. This episode is a treasure trove of insights into community building, the joy it brings, and Meg’s exciting plans for the future.


6:05 Challenges of Live Calls and Weekly Office Hours

17:30 Exploring the Concept of Voxer Coaching

22:28 Setting Boundaries in Coaching Communication

25:20 Leveraging Emotional Intelligence for Community Management

28:20 Collaboration Station: A Collaboration and Affiliate Management Platform

32:21 The Undervalued Power of Online Communities


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