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142: Financial Liberation Through Artisan Entrepreneurship with Pam Grice



142: Financial Liberation Through Artisan Entrepreneurship with Pam Grice

Pam Grice, the founder of Crochetpreneur, shares her journey from being a therapist to building a successful crochet business. She emphasizes the profitability of crochet business and the importance of community support. Pam also discusses the challenges of going viral and the need for proper planning and scalability. She talks about her upcoming event for crochet artists and her vision to inspire and empower them. Pam highlights the significance of work-life balance and her plans for the future, including a membership for crochet business owners. In this conversation, Elizabeth Henson and Pam Grice discuss various aspects of online identity and branding. They share stories about work life balance and self care. 


  • Crochet business can be profitable with the right strategies and community support.
  • Going viral can bring challenges, and it is important to be prepared for scalability.
  • Transitioning from a traditional job to full-time entrepreneurship requires careful planning and building multiple revenue streams.
  • Hosting events can be a valuable opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and provide support and inspiration.
  • Work-life balance is crucial for sustainable success, and it is important to prioritize self-care and personal well-being.

00:00 Introduction and Overview

01:25 Profitability in Crochet Business

03:25 Transition from Therapy to Crochet Business

06:28 Going Viral and Challenges

09:54 Transitioning to Full-Time Entrepreneur

11:32 Hosting Events and Overcoming Resistance

13:38 The Crochetpreneur Event

19:19 Supporting Crochet Artists

21:53 Vision for the Event

23:44 Empowering Crochet Artists

26:05 Work-Life Balance and Future Plans

34:46 Upcoming Event and Social Media

36:03 Catfishing and Mistaken Identity

36:38 Closing Remarks

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