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148: The Art of Becoming Unapologetically Audacious with Kristina Knapp



148: The Art of Becoming Unapologetically Audacious with Kristina Knapp

Today, we’re in for a treat with our guest Kristina Knapp, an audacity coach and the CEO of Elixir Media Co, who’s here to light a fire under the idea of bold, authentic success.

In this episode, we’re going beyond the buzzwords and tackling how to truly marry your purpose with your profits. Kristina shares her transformative insights on creating a movement with your mission and the necessary shift from simply using marketing tools to making a real impact.

We discuss the beauty of boldness, the essence of radical self-love, and why embracing every part of our journey is vital to success. Plus, Kristina gives us a peek into the Fem Audacity coaching membership and her upcoming event, “elevate and inspire,” with a sweet deal for our listeners.

So, buckle up as we dive into all things audacious and uncover how to step into your power, align with your highest purpose, and achieve that messy success we all seek.


05:08 Empowerment, confidence, and audacity for women.

12:53 Claim your power and change the world.

16:34 Learning to be a follower is important.

18:45 From solo social media manager to successful entrepreneur.

21:23 Embracing feminine power for radical business success.

29:49 Understanding life’s polarity: highs and lows.

35:26 Empowering women through balance and strategy.

38:41 Overcoming self-beliefs and limitations through coaching.


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