Elizabeth Henson

56: Opportunity over Circumstance



56: Opportunity over Circumstance

In this episode, Elizabeth shares her transformation from being in tears to abundance in two years. Some of the most amazing things that she has learned about business, about herself, about growth, and about self-development have nothing to do with money, and everything to do with perspective.

I do feel like I have so much to share from my specific journey and you know, being in tears over not having money saved up from maternity leave when I had Anthony. 

I prefer to do life first, and just let money be a byproduct of life. And some of the most amazing things that I have learned about business, about myself about growth, about self development have nothing to do with money, and everything to do with my perspective. And the questions that I’m asking myself, and again, learning how to control my thoughts, how to control what I choose to think about specific circumstances, how do I choose to view this situation? How can I take responsibility for my own happiness?  That control is mine and no one else’s. And I feel like when we truly master life, and how to live, the money part becomes easy.

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