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66: Tatiana Hill: A True Year of Messy Success



66: Tatiana Hill: A True Year of Messy Success

Tatiana Hill is back with us on the Messy Success Podcast! She was on episode 16 back in 2018 and now she is back to share the deepest part of her heart. Over the last year Tatiana grew her business during the pandemic as well as a divorce. She feeds our soul with her words of wisdom and authenticity. Tatiana and The Teal Eagle Boutique might be what we call Messy Success, but there is nothing messy about her level of success and ability to empower those around her. She embraces the journey and never stops growing into the amazing leader she is. 

Tatiana on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_tatianahill_/

Teal Eagle Boutique: https://tealeagleboutique.com/

Her 2018 podcast episode:  https://elizabethhensonphotos.com/16/