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88: How To Get More Members Into Your Facebook Group



88: How To Get More Members Into Your Facebook Group

Hello! Hello!! It has been a really good week for me, for my entrepreneurial networking, and for the business 🥰

And of course, as always, I am sharing with you, my dear business besties all these fun and helpful nuggets I was able to pick up along the way. I hope my tips will encourage you to either (a) get back up in building your social communities and (b) see the benefits of creating a Facebook group for your biz!

Show Notes:

00:09 – This week in The Messy Success Podcast

02:56 – Quick update about Luna

03:09 – Tweak your email signature

04:51 – The power of personal messages

05:20 – Engage in other communities

06:03 – Freebies and shining the light

07:01 – Build quality relationships

11:42 – Pinterest to Facebook Groups

13:39 – Facebook reels is happening!!

15:10 – Experimenting on Facebook reels

16:53- A really good week 💚

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