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98: Repurposing Content So I Can Work Less



98: Repurposing Content So I Can Work Less

✨The countdown to 100✨

In this episode, I broke down several ways how I repurpose my content and how my exceptional team assists me as I continue to manifest my goal of staying in the visionary and creator mode.

It’s pretty raw, messy, and in progress BUT exciting! If you have any tips, tricks or would like to chat, feel free to join my group or slide on my DMs — let’s keep the conversation open 😉


00:05 – This week in the Messy Success Podcast

00:51 – Join the conversation inside The Community Builder

01:22 – How I envision the content I repurpose

04:13 – My Facebook live as additional content

08:07 – Leveraging on Canva Templates

09:43 – Our team’s podcast process

10:50 – Re-promotion using Pinterest

11:28 – Getting away with less content creation

12:33 – Clip recorded videos then produce a new content

14:05 – What is the end goal per week

14:37 – Calendar mapping: such a game changer!

15:16 – Food for thought. Let me know your thoughts too 😊

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