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-Joey V 

"Elizabeth is an absolute WIZARD at community management and business growth through organic community strategies. She's also just a real giver. Through her programs and 1:1 services as a community builder, she'll make your online communities fun, light and -of course- revenue generating!

"She's also just a real giver."


"Elizabeth Henson has been an incredible mentor, friend and cheerleader to me! From the very first day, she shared joyfully and with a true teacher’s heart. Her passion and drive are an inspiration to everyone she meets. My business would not be where it is today without her solid council, support and encouragement. If you have a crazy idea or a talent to share with the world, Liz will help you every step of the way!"

Her passion and drive are an inspiration to everyone she meets.


“Elizabeth gave me the courage to fully believe I had what it took to dive in and start my own photography business. She’s been a cheerleader, motivator, teacher, and most importantly, a great friend!” 

She gave me the courage to believe I had what it took.

I can help you build, leverage and grow the Community you've always dreamed of.

"Liz, she is so incredible, she really understands from a strategy side effect of how you can start to leverage groups and actually get results from it, I was able to implement some of the small things, just from the initial calls and talks that I've had from listening with her and be able to implement it and see immediate results. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating a strategy around actually getting results from your Facebook groups and communities. So if you get the opportunity, I highly recommend that you work with Elizabeth."

Nick b

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