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I consider myself to have a blessed childhood and a pretty normal “story” for the most part. I always see people get on stage and they have this big meaningful story or adversity. I always wondered what in the world I could speak about when it comes to MY story.  Hear how a group of […]

64: What to do when you don’t have a story…

Shine The Light Member Cilla Tuckson shares her journey over the last year. After moving to the states only three weeks before the Pandemic shut down, she had to get creative and uncomfortable to grow her business.  Cilla’s Blog post   Cilla on IG 

63: A year in the US with Cilla Tuckson

I hear way too often that creative women don’t feel comfortable in sales. It feels icky, gross, or pushy. The classic, Have you ever said to yourself? “I don’t want to send too many Emails because I’ll be annoying” I’m here to give you two super quick game changers that will flip the script about […]

62: Quick Tips | How to get more sales

This is a special episode dedicated to my besty Angie.  I’m taking you down an emotional journey of our 8 year friendship which leads us to her recent cancer diagnosis. Hear what kept me up at night, and why this is such an important conversation of what it means to have a rock solid adult friendship.  […]

61: My best friend’s cancer diagnosis

Have you ever wondered what a business coach actually does?  Or what it looks like to work with one?  Well I can’t speak for every experience, but in this episode I’m sharing a sneak peek and behind the scenes of what it is like to work with me! Including real conversation points with a client, […]

60: BTS of business coaching

Elizabeth shares 2021 updates, goals, and the constant shifting of business. Everything from new teams, exciting learning opportunities, and how taking on more work creates even more clarity. 

59: Keeping it Light & Easy

Danya is a former Olympic Head Athletic Therapist and Strength & Conditioning coach turned entrepreneur – where she helps other entrepreneurs, coaches, athletes and business owners move, feel and perform their best. In this episode we talk about how I’m creating new habits, and making the changes needed to embody the lifestyle of a fit […]

58: Healthy from the inside out with Danya Douglas Hunt

What if struggles aren’t actually struggles?  In this episode Elizabeth shares a reflection of the last two years where she has been really pivoting into her coaching business. People love to insert their outside opinions, let’s talk about how we can cope with that. The ebbs and flows of our intuition can be the best […]

57: What can struggles teach us?