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Not sure if a Facebook group is right for your business? Tune in as I chat with my business bestie, Angie McPherson; personal branding photographer, marketing strategist, educator, and hype-woman about how she went from not wanting a Facebook group to growing an engaged, lead-generating Facebook group in less than a year. SHOW NOTES: 05:12: […]

118: Is a Facebook Group Right For Your Business with Angie McPherson

Do you have a Facebook group but feel like it needs to be revived? If so, you’re not alone. In fact this even happened to me; a professional community builder! I’m sharing my secrets in this podcast episode on how to revive your Facebook group with four simple steps. I followed these exact steps and […]

117: 4 Ways To Revive Your Facebook Group

Building a business out of a passion is exactly what Marvin Flavian of MK Flav Video LLC has done! Listen in as Liz and Marvin chat about how to turn your passion into a profitable business that shines the light on others. They discuss everything from; Whether or not to jump on TikTok trends How […]

116: Video Marketing Strategy with Marvin Flavien

How can you use customer service and light and easy goal setting to help your business stand out? Tune in as I share a heart-warming story about one of my very first photography clients gifting me an antique Pentax 6X7 camera and how that gesture made me realize what the most important part of any […]

115: Sharing Your Creative Journey as Part of Your Business Model

Are you considering switching CRM (customer relationship management) software? Or maybe you’re looking at a new LMS (learning management software)? Whatever big changes you’re looking to make in your business, you want to make sure you make the changes as light and easy as possible. That’s why Liz walks you through her decision making process […]

114: Honeybook vs 17hats | How to make big changes in your business with less stress

How do you know it’s the right time to hire a graphic designer for your business? Or better yet, a creative director on-demand? Tune in as Liz chats with Illiah Manger of C&V Creative about the difference between graphic design and a creative director. They talk about how to calculate the ROI of graphic design, […]

113: Graphic Design vs Creative Direction with Illiah Manger | Your Creative Director on Demand

How can simplifying your business actually lead to MORE revenue? Tune in as Liz shares our Q2 goals and how she’s choosing to focus more on service and the journey of multi-passionate entrepreneurship as opposed to the bottom line. We’d love to know šŸ‘‡ what was your biggest takeaway from this episode? What really resonated […]

112: Your Small Business can be Simple AND Profitable

As an artist, whether you’re an author, painter, or actor you’ve got to market yourself and your art. But how do you market your art in an authentic manner? In this episode I sat down with Miriam Schulman of The Inspiration Place to chat about all things art and marketing. Listen in to learn why […]

111: Messy Success Marketing for Artists with Guest: Miriam Schulman