Elizabeth Henson

104: How to increase visibility for your business



104: How to increase visibility for your business

What does being visible mean and why is it so important when it comes to growing your business? In today’s episode we’re going to chat about eight easy ways to become more visible in your business and marketing. Tune in to learn:

⭐️ Why brand recognition is important.

⭐️ How to get clear in your brand messaging.

⭐️ How numbers (or KPIs) play into your marketing plan.

⭐️ + So much more!


00:06 My simple, underrated marketing system.

01:32 Why consistent branding is important and what that looks like.

03:38 Establishing a strong presence through consistency.

04:34 The importance of clear messaging.

06:06 Delivering an excellent customer experience.

07:50 Knowing your numbers – showing up where it counts.

11:00 Borrowing other people’s audiences through collaboration and connection.

12:19 Playing the long-term game.

13:11 The law of attraction – shining the light on others!


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