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105: Is Flodesk Worth It



105: Is Flodesk Worth It

Why Flodesk is the best email platform for building community.

Is Flodesk worth it? With so many email marketing platforms out there, I know it can be daunting to choose the best email marketing platform. That’s exactly why I’m breaking down why Flodesk is the best system for community builders. Tune in to hear:

πŸ’š Why email marketing is THE most important marketing platform in your business.

πŸ’š How to effectively leverage email marketing.

πŸ’š My personal experience with Flodesk (including pricing).

πŸ’š and so much more!


00:54 My light and easy marketing system (and how it can work for you).

02:35 Why email marketing is more important than any social media platform.

08:45 How to use email marketing effectively, without annoying your audience.

11:48 My personal experience with Flodesk, including the pricing structure.

13:36 The number one reason I prefer Flodesk.

15:45 Flodesk open rates.

18:52 The simplicity and intuitiveness Flodesk.


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