Elizabeth Henson

115: Sharing Your Creative Journey as Part of Your Business Model



115: Sharing Your Creative Journey as Part of Your Business Model

How can you use customer service and light and easy goal setting to help your business stand out? Tune in as I share a heart-warming story about one of my very first photography clients gifting me an antique Pentax 6X7 camera and how that gesture made me realize what the most important part of any marketing plan is. I also end this episode with a simple (yet inspiring) challenge I’d love for you to partake in.

I’d love for you to share your thoughts on this podcast (and your challenge details if you participate) either on your own social media channels and tag me on IG @elizabeth.henson OR, drop your thoughts in our free Facebook community.


01:57 – Leading with service and relationships

08:02 – My accidental, messy success with a Pentax 6X7 (you can view the pictures below)

10:41 – Embracing your calling as a creative entrepreneur

13:16 – Why customer service is so important in any business

19:19 – The most valuable marketing tool you have right in your back pocket

27:33 – My challenge to you


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