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116: Video Marketing Strategy with Marvin Flavien



116: Video Marketing Strategy with Marvin Flavien

Building a business out of a passion is exactly what Marvin Flavian of MK Flav Video LLC has done! Listen in as Liz and Marvin chat about how to turn your passion into a profitable business that shines the light on others. They discuss everything from;

Whether or not to jump on TikTok trends

How to ease your nerves when showing up on video

Using video marketing to get your message across to the RIGHT audience

And more!

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05:36 – How a video hobby turned into a business

09:21 – The importance of networking in business

12:30 – Taking the leap and being an early adopter of new technology

15:25 – Using video marketing to get your message across

20:27 – How Marvin has used a Facebook community to grow his business

24:03 – Easing nerves for people who don’t want to show up on camera

27:23 – Marvin’s favorite way to consume video

28:41 – Is going ‘viral’ important?


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