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119: How To Create a High Ticket Group Coaching Program with Maggie Giele



119: How To Create a High Ticket Group Coaching Program with Maggie Giele

Award-winning business and marketing strategist Maggie Giele shares her expertise on building a successful group coaching program. Designed for individuals who have contemplated offering group coaching services in their businesses, Maggie offers insights on attracting premium clients, scaling with a leveraged one-to-many approach, and achieving remarkable results. With her own journey from burnout to record-breaking months and a thriving multi-six figure business, Maggie emphasizes the importance of prioritizing people over profit, embracing simplicity over complexity, and adopting a human-first approach to business. This unscripted conversation leaves listeners feeling inspired and motivated to embark on their own group coaching program.


[8:05] The Key to Success: “The people who make the most money have the most fun because they’re doing what they’re good at and they’re good at it because they love it.”

[17:47] How to Overcome Fear of Failure: “If you’ve got a fire in your belly and you’re going after it, even if you fail, it’s gonna be amazing, and you’re gonna learn so much along the way.”

[22:45]The Power of Investing in Yourself: “Every time I’ve invested in myself, it’s paid off multiple times over, whether that’s hiring a coach, joining a mastermind, attending a retreat, or taking a course.”

[44:53] Navigating Shiny Object Syndrome: “When I actually pulled all my energy into one main program, the shiny object stuff really decreased because I had one core focus. And that brings a lot of freedom with it, actually.”

[47:49] How to Deliver Consistent Value: Focus on creating something that can consistently deliver what your clients want without constantly reinventing the wheel or relaunching new offers every time.

[48:19] The Best Way to Align Goals: Reverse engineer your business goals by understanding the math behind them. Determine the price point and offer that can help you achieve your revenue targets while meeting your clients’ needs.

[50:21] Maximizing Financial Impact: Aim to generate an additional $25k on top of your current earnings within a year. Design your offers and services in a way that delivers a substantial return on investment for your clients.


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