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118: Is a Facebook Group Right For Your Business with Angie McPherson



118: Is a Facebook Group Right For Your Business with Angie McPherson

Not sure if a Facebook group is right for your business? Tune in as I chat with my business bestie, Angie McPherson; personal branding photographer, marketing strategist, educator, and hype-woman about how she went from not wanting a Facebook group to growing an engaged, lead-generating Facebook group in less than a year.


05:12: How Angie uses her Facebook community to generate leads

10:15: How to infuse what you’re good at into your Facebook group (in a light and easy way)

13:51: How Angie went from 0 – 500 members in no time flat

16:40: The bet way to drive traffic to your group

19:23: Using Facebook groups as a home base for content across ALL platforms

25:55 The power of asking the right questions in your group

30:25: Angie’s biggest tips for building an engaged community on any platform


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