Elizabeth Henson

129: Elevate Your Business: Standing Out and Staying Organized with Inventora



129: Elevate Your Business: Standing Out and Staying Organized with Inventora

Join host Elizabeth Henson and special guest Delmith Morales as we explore the crucial aspects of standing out in the marketplace and maintaining impeccable organization for small businesses. Delmith, an enthusiastic handmade business owner and small business educator, shares invaluable insights throughout the discussion. Delmith, who serves as the head of Growth and Partnerships at Inventora, emphasizes the importance of inventory management for handmade businesses, offering practical advice and highlighting the unique selling propositions that set businesses apart. Marketing strategies, networking, and the significance of personal branding in the handmade industry are also touched upon. Additionally, the episode delves into Inventora’s expanding offerings, its user-friendly inventory management software, and its role in streamlining product data across various e-commerce platforms. Delmith’s expertise and passion shine through as she shares her journey and the mission of Inventora, making this episode a must-listen for small business owners seeking to excel in their artistic or creative endeavors.


3:34 – Delmith’s Passion for Helping Small Businesses

8:41 – How Inventora Automates Small Business Tasks

13:22 – Insights on Making Jewelry and Decor Products Stand Out

20:02 – Inventora’s Expanding Services and Partnerships

25:55 – Preventing Overselling with Inventora

30:16 – Delmith Becomes Face of the Company


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