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130: Maximizing Productivity Through Cycle Tracking with Renae Fieck



130: Maximizing Productivity Through Cycle Tracking with Renae Fieck

In this episode, we welcome Renae Fieck, a dedicated mom of three and a skilled occupational therapist. Renae specializes in empowering women to unlock their hidden potential by harnessing the power of their natural cycles. Her unique approach allows women to become thriving high achievers while maintaining a balanced and harmonious life. Discover how Renae helps women find equilibrium amidst life’s demands, enabling them to make a more significant impact and achieve greater results without succumbing to stress or requiring extra time. Join us for a captivating discussion with the host of the Cycle Advantage Podcast, as we explore the transformative insights she shares at renaefieck.com.


03:30 – Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle

08:15 – Syncing Tasks with Your Cycle

12:45 – The Power of Rest

16:20 – Embracing Feminine Energy

20:10 – Syncing with the Moon

27:30 – The Cycle Advantage Program


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