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155: Unlocking Abundance: Manifesting with Purpose and Passion



155: Unlocking Abundance: Manifesting with Purpose and Passion

Welcome back to “The Messy Success Podcast!” I’m Elizabeth, your host, and I’m super excited for today’s solo summer episode. We’re going to dive into some eye-opening moments I’ve had about manifesting – it’s all about the journey, not just the destination.

I’ll share how learning and growing as a person can make manifesting feel more natural and fulfilling, like when I tried to manifest a lump sum to tackle my Amazon project. Plus, we’ll talk about giving without expecting anything in return and how following your purpose can attract abundance. Big shoutout to my mom for her advice on doing what you love and making a living from it – it’s shaped my entire career.

I’ll also update you on my latest projects, like expanding my brand with more speaking gigs, my successful April event, and the growth in my “Elevate” program. So, grab a coffee and let’s get into some real talk about manifesting with less stress and more joy. And don’t forget to leave a review and share this episode. Let’s embrace the messiness of success together!


09:14 Overcoming challenges and manifesting success through commitment.

11:04 Understanding and manifesting positive outcomes in life.

13:34 Focusing on personal growth, not monetary results.

14:01 Business by Design and full-circle moments

18:21 Embracing the self-development journey

23:22 Pushing boundaries, manifesting results, growing and learning.

26:18 Embracing the journey, loving business and community.

34:16 Upcoming speaking engagements and continuous growth


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