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154: Nomadic Dreams: Alissa Stevens’ Journey from Corporate World to Coaching Success



154: Nomadic Dreams: Alissa Stevens’ Journey from Corporate World to Coaching Success

Welcome to Episode 154 of The Messy Success Podcast! In this episode, Elizabeth and Alissa share deeply personal stories of overcoming overwhelm and rediscovering their passions. Alissa takes us through her transformation from considering quitting entrepreneurship to founding Coaching Craft Academy and embracing a nomadic lifestyle in Nashville.

They explore the true essence of coaching, emphasizing the importance of shifting perspectives, embodying new beliefs, and guiding clients to their own realizations. Alissa also details her work with Fortune 500 companies and her enrollment in the Coaching Craft Academy’s second cohort.

Join us for insights on the power of commitment, self-awareness, and decision-making in both personal and professional growth. This episode is filled with real-life experiences, practical tips, and inspiration for making meaningful changes. Let’s dive in!


04:21 Transitioning from offline to online coaching industry.

12:39 Promoting sustainable behavior for a better future.

24:03 Differentiating advice and coaching in effective communication.

30:54 Reflecting past indecision, embracing and practicing decisiveness.

38:13 Commitment to action brings pride and achievement.

43:59 Overwhelmed by online coaching industry’s cult-like culture.

48:12 Leadership tools transformed my life and business.


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