Elizabeth Henson

74: When A Social Media Post Flops



74: When A Social Media Post Flops

In this episode of the Messy Success Podcast, we talked about that ugly truth about social media posts.. NOT all posts are going to be successful – AND THAT’S OKAY 😉

Tune in as I break down the 3 steps you should do when a post flops.. or even when it doesn’t! Because the better we know our community, the better we can provide them with our service.

Show Notes:

00:10 – Join the Community Builder Facebook Group (link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thecommunitybuilder)

01:37 – A sneak peek inside the Community Builder

04:04 – What to do when your post flops

05:18 – It’s all just data

06:43 – Looking at the real meaning

08:24 – The importance of collecting Data

10:31 – Data Evaluation

11:32 – Quick run-through

13:06 – Consistency > Perfection

14:52 – Keep the Community Builder Growing

15:41 – The Community Growth Lab (link: https://www.communitygrowthlab.com/)

17:26 – Awesome resources from the Community Builder Facebook Group Hashtags