Elizabeth Henson

73: The Community Builder



73: The Community Builder

Aannddd.. we’re back!!! After 3 months of hiatus, I’m starting October off with a fresh set of goals, clarity with what’s to come, and a big announcement about where my business is now heading.

Tune in as I share along a chock-full of updates, ideas, information, and a FREEBIE that can help you, your team, and your business thrive in managing your community better.

Show Notes:

00:07 – This week in The Messy Success Podcast

01:10 – Recap and Updates!

05:01 – 25 Conversation Starters for Your Facebook Group Freebie (highlighted link: https://bit.ly/TheCommunityBuilder)

10:27 – Driving Organic Traffic to Facebook Groups

12:55 – Generating Leads and Market Research through Facebook Group Conversations

15:54 – Community Management Agency Progress

20:03 – Community Growth Lab (highlighted link: https://www.communitygrowthlab.com/)

23:18 – Jana Bishop’s Ads in an Hour Program (highlighted link: https://www.jbctrainings.com/ads-in-an-hour-sales-page)

26:49 – The MESSY Framework