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78: Advocating for the deaf with Kellina Powell



78: Advocating for the deaf with Kellina Powell

This week’s entrepreneur guest is young, loves helping people with their personal growth, and is amazing in every single way!

She’s here to send us a message on behalf of the deaf community – because more than going about businesses, entrepreneurs also make human connections, and these connections.. it helps us open our eyes around the really important things.

Show Notes:

00:30 – This week in The Messy Success Podcast

01:28 – Meet our guest, Kellina Powell

04:02 – The benefits of Clubhouse Database for the deaf

05:28 – Kellina Powell’s upcoming book

05:55 – Kellina’s journey to hearing loss

09:09 – How Kellina’s family dealt with change

10:36 – Growing up in two different communities

12:52 – Kellina’s entrepreneur life

13:44 – A little reminder for everyone

15:21 – Entrepreneurs making money

19:25 – Awareness for the deaf community

23:12 – Support and know more about the deaf community

Connect with Kellina: