Elizabeth Henson

79: My 2022 Wishlist



79: My 2022 Wishlist

Happy holidays everyone! This magical season is all about manifesting and here I am.. in this episode.. manifesting everything I want for 2022 ✨

Tune in and I hope that at the end of this episode, I’ll be seeing YOUR name in my inbox! 😁

Show Notes:

00:10 – Quick update

00:32 – This week in the Messy Success Podcast

01:37 – Big rock and business developments for 2022

03:56 – First on the list: The Community Builder Facebook Group

06:20 – Second: Join my team!

09:18 – Third: Partnerships.. let’s help each other out!

11:18 – Fourth: Agency clients

13:51 – The Community Growth Lab

15:51 – Super quick recap…

16:30 – Do this action item!

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