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83: Q&A Inside the Community



83: Q&A Inside the Community

January started a little steady HOWEVER after the holidays, family time, two weeks off, and COVID.. I am back, I am energetically back!!

I have a lot of topics to cover and I feel like I was able to do that on one of my Friday live episodes inside the Community Builder Facebook Group – so in audio form, I am giving you a chance to tune in and enjoy these golden nuggets I am sharing inside the group. If you happen to like a topic, want to dig deeper, or simply want to discuss more of what I shared, feel free to reach out! I love learning what you guys have to say.

All right! Let’s now dive into it!!! 😉

Show Notes:

00:18 – How’s life and business so far?

02:55 – This week in the Messy Success Podcast

05:43 – Peek into what happens every Friday Lives

08:42 – Shining the light on others

11:46 – Streamline your business process

15:48 – A course for community management and growth

16:49 – Letting go and a little bit of bts

18:30 – Content through Q&A

19:30 – How to get a niche audience into my Facebook group?

21:51 – Where does the Facebook group fit into my business?

23:24 – Is a Facebook group for you or not?

26:00 – Do you need to regroup?

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