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82: What I Really Learned About Getting A Dog



82: What I Really Learned About Getting A Dog

To kick off 2022, I’m letting you come with me behind the scenes and share how our family adjusted with our newly adopted dog!

Disclaimer: It’s quite far (but still beautiful) from what I expected it to be 😅😁

Show Notes:

00:11 – So.. we got a pet dog!!

00:44 – Maddie and Mommy time

02:12 – That exact moment

05:18 – What’s her name?

07:42 – So how did it go?

10:58 – The pivotal moment

14:45 – OUR progress

18:36 – My word of the year

Are you also a fur mom? Or do you have a word of the year you’d like to share? Connect with me through the links below 👇🏻

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