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85: Why Facebook Groups are still great



85: Why Facebook Groups are still great

A LOT happened and it just felt like I time-traveled to March.. which is awesome! Just goes to show that when you’re productive, time really flies by fast 💚

For this episode, sit with me as I talk about what I’m seeing and why I still prefer Facebook Groups over any other platforms for creatives and entrepreneurs like YOU and ME! 😉

Go on, get those earphones and let’s get started.

Show Notes:

00:01 – This week in the Messy Success Podcast

01:10 – Re-evaluating your Facebook Group

03:10 – The Onboarding Experience

05:30 – FREE Resource for your Facebook Group

06:28 – The Scroll Experience

09:12 – Creating Content takes Less Time

13:45 – The magic inside Facebook Groups

14:49 – Try THIS challenge 😉

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