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86: A Turning Point in My Creative Business



86: A Turning Point in My Creative Business

After 4 years into this podcast.. here we are!! I’m still messy, still owning the messy success brand.. but there’s definitely a LOT of growth! 😉

In this episode, I shined the light to the people who played a role towards this success, shared lessons learned, takeaways from incorporating systems, and how reclaiming my time impact everything in my business

And you guys.. it has been a crazy but valued experience!

Show Notes:

00:36 – This week in the Messy Success Podcast

02:19 – The people behind my Messy Success

05:20 – That pivotal moment through ClickUp

06:44 – Letting go and realizations

09:09 – The system that worked for me

14:02 – A different type of Messy Success

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