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94: How I started getting paid for Facebook Reels



94: How I started getting paid for Facebook Reels

I might not have all the answers just YET — because we’re in the middle of experimenting and just trying some features out.. but through this episode, I’m going to walk you through the significant information I gathered about Facebook Reels in hopes that you’ll learn with me and open up several conversations with the intention of helping each other out!

After the episode, I encourage you to try it out and let me know your thoughts! 💚


00:09 – This week in the Messy Success Podcast

01:05 – Facebook Reels is a REAL thing!

02:25 – Eligibility for the Facebook Reel bonus program

04:26 – Paid Reels: Personal or Business Facebook Page?

05:30 – How I create my Facebook Reels

07:56 – My thoughts about being paid on Facebook

08:30 – What I know about the calculation so far

10:31 – ANYONE can do the Facebook Reels

12:10 – Check out this website to apply for Facebook Reels

12:51 – What I exactly did for 30 days

14:58 – Share your thoughts about Facebook Reels too! Join The Community Builder Facebook Group 😉

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