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93: My 40th Birthday Reflection



93: My 40th Birthday Reflection

I don’t usually talk about my birthday but for some reason, 40 just feels different 💖

For this episode, it’s going to be a mix of my personal and professional manifestations. I’m going to share what I’ll be bringing along and letting go of for this new chapter of my life.

And if you’re up to celebrate with me, I encourage you to shine the light on other people. Tag me and tag them, share it with our group, and let the world know. Nothing would make me happier on my birthday than to just see as many people as possible shining the light on others 🥰

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00:14 – This week in the Messy Success Podcast

01:42 – Celebrate with me and try to do this!

02:31 – What is shining the light on other people?

06:26 – Let go: Idea of a clean house

08:54 – Let go: What people think

09:36 – Let go: How I wanted relationships to be

10:45 – Let go: Doing all the things

11:38 – Let go: Chasing everything

13:00 – Let in: Acceptance of the present

13:21 – Let in: Business and team growth 

14:51 – Let in: Self-care with no guilt

16:43 – Let in: Feel okay with doing my best

18:00 – Let in: Slower pace

19:13 – My manifestations from personal to professional growth

25:22 – My takeaway from this list


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