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96: How to get Screenshot Worthy Content



96: How to get Screenshot Worthy Content

✨The countdown to 100✨

In this episode, I’ve answered questions and shared my golden nuggets about those good-looking reviews we see online. And believe me – it’s NOT rocket science and it CAN be authentic positive reviews if you’ll stick to the goal of getting: ✨The actual transformation✨

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00:31 – This week in the Messy Success Podcast

00:49 – FREE conversation starters + screenshot worthy content

02:16 – A sneak peek into our Facebook Lives

03:29 – The problem that I solve

06:40 – A rockstar member’s question & my advice

07:50 – Do’s and don’ts in asking for reviews

11:20 – Give a task and circle back

13:19 – Constantly express gratitude

15:53 – Ask them to share their wins

16:08 – Learn about your members

17:04 – Use my shine the light value

20:29 – What stage of community building you’re in?


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