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Welcome to episode 152 of The Messy Success Podcast with your host, Elizabeth. Today, we’re thrilled to welcome Jen Lemke, a dynamic business by design coach and NLP specialist who has transformed her life and career by mastering the art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In this episode, we dive deep into Jen’s journey from an esthetician […]

152: Mindset Mastery: How NLP Can Redefine Your Business and Personal Life with Jen Lemke

Welcome back to The Messy Success Podcast, episode 151, “Elevate Wrap-Up!” I’m your host, Elizabeth Henson, and today, I’m thrilled to dive into all the feels and details following our recent “Elevate and Inspire” event in Norfolk, Virginia. It’s been a whirlwind of hard work and adrenaline, and I’m here to share not just the […]

151: Behind the Scenes of a Successful Event: Elevate & Inspire Unpacked

Josh Haynam, co-founder of Interact, shares his entrepreneurial journey and the evolution of Interact as a quiz platform. He started his first company at 15, buying and selling electronics. In college, he met his co-founders and they built a quiz platform inspired by their own work. Over the years, they have helped thousands of customers […]

150: Grow Your Business Through True Connection with Josh Haynam from Interact

In this conversation, Jessica Rasdall shares her journey from a traumatic event to becoming a professional speaker and eventually starting the Speak to Scale agency. She discusses the evolution of her speaking career and how she helps business owners share their stories effectively. Jessica also talks about the transition to her new direction and the […]

149: Navigating the Impossible, Crafting Your Story, and Finding Your Niche in Speaking: A Conversation with Jessica Rasdall

Today, we’re in for a treat with our guest Kristina Knapp, an audacity coach and the CEO of Elixir Media Co, who’s here to light a fire under the idea of bold, authentic success. In this episode, we’re going beyond the buzzwords and tackling how to truly marry your purpose with your profits. Kristina shares […]

148: The Art of Becoming Unapologetically Audacious with Kristina Knapp

Dive into a thought-provoking conversation between Elizabeth Henson and Megan as they explore the intricacies of resistance, beliefs, and personal transformation. Spanning across two parts, this dialogue delves into the challenges of embracing change, unraveling deep-seated beliefs about money, and the journey towards self-discovery and growth. Join them as they navigate through insightful moments and […]

147: Embracing Change: A Deep Dive into Resistance and Transformation

Join Elizabeth Henson and her guest, Holly Haynes, on the Messy Success Podcast as they dive into Holly’s journey of helping female entrepreneurs build successful businesses on their own terms. From juggling corporate careers to creating flexible schedules, Holly shares insights and strategies to thrive in entrepreneurship without sacrificing work-life balance. SHOW NOTES: 01:10 Helping […]

146: Crush the Rush: Building a Thriving Business on Your Terms with Holly Haynes

Welcome to The Messy Success Podcast, I’m Elizabeth, and today’s guest is the extraordinary Nick Demos, a Tony Award-winning Broadway producer and storytelling savant. We’ll unpack Nick’s transformative journey from theater to yoga and the crucial role stories play in connecting and inspiring others. Nick will enlighten us with his strategies on sharing stories with […]

145: Making an Impact with Authentic Marketing Stories with Nick Demos