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117: 4 Ways To Revive Your Facebook Group



117: 4 Ways To Revive Your Facebook Group

Do you have a Facebook group but feel like it needs to be revived? If so, you’re not alone. In fact this even happened to me; a professional community builder! I’m sharing my secrets in this podcast episode on how to revive your Facebook group with four simple steps. I followed these exact steps and watched engagement skyrocket from 15% – 52% in just two weeks!

If you’re looking for 25 simple post ideas for your Facebook (or other social platform) group that is proven to 2x your group engagement in 2 weeks, grab my freebie, that does JUST that here.


00:59 Learn how to run your business in just 20 hours a week with my friend Joy at “Called to Both” podcast.

04:44 How I grew my Facebook group engagement from 15% – 52% in just two weeks

07:42 What data to track to keep your group engaged

10:19 The question strategy I used to revive my Facebook group

11:47 How to invite new members to your Facebook group

13:05 Harnessing the power of going LIVE in your Facebook group (and why it works)


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