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151: Behind the Scenes of a Successful Event: Elevate & Inspire Unpacked



151: Behind the Scenes of a Successful Event: Elevate & Inspire Unpacked

Welcome back to The Messy Success Podcast, episode 151, “Elevate Wrap-Up!” I’m your host, Elizabeth Henson, and today, I’m thrilled to dive into all the feels and details following our recent “Elevate and Inspire” event in Norfolk, Virginia. It’s been a whirlwind of hard work and adrenaline, and I’m here to share not just the highs and successes, but also the real, raw, behind-the-scenes moments that contributed to the event’s impact. From securing a beach house to alleviate our guests’ accommodation costs to the invaluable CEO decisions made, every step led us to what turned out to be a profound experience for all involved. We saw great engagement, transformative breakthroughs, and even launched a pitch for my group coaching program which turned out more successful than anticipated. Now, with the event behind us, we’re exploring the emotional and physical aftermath of such a large undertaking—the body catching up on rest, and the mind wrestling between expansion and safety. Join me as I unfold these insights and set the stage for what’s next in our journey of messy success. So buckle up, and let’s get started on this reflective adventure!


05:16 Feeling the pressure and navigating with adrenaline

09:34 Constructive feedback and setup

16:09 Recovering energy and emotions

17:56 Seeking support to manage mental and physical well-being

20:51 Clarity after unexpected change in coaching program


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