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152: Mindset Mastery: How NLP Can Redefine Your Business and Personal Life with Jen Lemke



152: Mindset Mastery: How NLP Can Redefine Your Business and Personal Life with Jen Lemke

Welcome to episode 152 of The Messy Success Podcast with your host, Elizabeth. Today, we’re thrilled to welcome Jen Lemke, a dynamic business by design coach and NLP specialist who has transformed her life and career by mastering the art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In this episode, we dive deep into Jen’s journey from an esthetician to a mindset coach, exploring how NLP and hypnotherapy reshaped her thinking and success. We’ll tackle the powerful impact of language patterns, the significance of aligning personal values with business goals, and the fascinating world of self-hypnosis. Jen will share her personal experiences with weight loss, lifestyle changes, and how self awareness can massively boost business planning and personal health. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or someone curious about personal development, today’s conversation promises to offer profound insights into transforming limiting beliefs and embracing a growth mindset. Get ready to be inspired to elevate your own paths to messy success.


04:57 Neuro-linguistic programming identifies language patterns.

14:37 Nap time hustle, inconsistent work, simple shift.

20:47 Embracing self-awareness, empowerment, and personal responsibility.

23:51 Choosing growth over comfort and aligning with values.

29:07 Uncovering limiting beliefs shapes future success.

33:50 Challenging money belief, rewriting story, having evidence.

42:38 Exciting mix of science and belief in NLP.

43:14 Belief in hypnotherapy key for successful results.

46:26 Hypnosis helps subconscious mind accept positive suggestions.

51:01 Cycle tracking helps navigate business and intuition.

52:35 Aligning goals with core values for success.

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