Elizabeth Henson

153: Reframing Creativity with the Messy Success Brand



153: Reframing Creativity with the Messy Success Brand

Welcome back to the Messy Success podcast! I’m your host, Elizabeth Henson, and today’s episode is especially for all you high-functioning creatives out there. If you’re constantly bursting with new ideas and eager to start fresh projects, you’re going to find this episode incredibly relatable. We’ll dive into the heart of why the Messy Success brand exists and share some valuable lessons learned along the way. Plus, I have a huge announcement—our brand new undated manifestation journal, the Messy Success Planner, is now live on Amazon! Get ready to hear the behind-the-scenes story of how this project came to life, the ups and downs, and my true passion behind it. Let’s get started!


01:00 Announcement: the Messy Success Planner on Amazon.

02:15 Elizabeth shares the story behind creating the planner.

04:30 Reflecting on the summer break and the importance of rest.

08:00 The inspiration and learning process behind product creation.

14:30 The vision for the Messy Success brand and future product ideas.

18:00 Embracing creative energy and productivity.

22:30 The evolution of the Messy Success brand and the long-term vision.


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