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80: Decision Making Authority with Katrina Widener



80: Decision Making Authority with Katrina Widener

You better want your notepads ready! 📝

My good friend and business coach, Katrina Widener joins me as we dive deeper and talk about human design and decision making authority.

It is such a wonderful topic to cover especially with what I’m currently going through. I believe this episode will shed more light on those entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and creatives who are also in the process of figuring themselves and their business out 💛

Show Notes:

00:07 – Our special guest in The Messy Success Podcast

01:51 – What is human design?

04:11 – Understanding the  5 different types of human design

07:13 – The Generators

07:39 – The Manifesting Generator

09:20 – The Manifester

17:00 – Katrina’s business coaching approach

18:10 – The Projector 

20:58 – The Reflectors

22:43 – Are there any combinations in human design?

25:08 – A celebrity who’s a Projector

26:44 – The decision making authority

27:33 – A condition to decision

29:08 – Sacral decision making authority

36:02 – The consistent and inconsistent access to the centers

50:50 – Katrina Widener’s FREE offers 

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