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81: Knowing Your Core Values with Jennifer Jayne



81: Knowing Your Core Values with Jennifer Jayne

For the last episode of 2021, I’m bringing one of my favorite humans, our shine the light gym leader in Shine The light Community.. Jennifer Jayne!

This is the perfect episode to sit down with while you’re enjoying the holiday break and mapping out how you’d like your 2022 to be.

If this episode resonated with you, feel free to send me a DM and share your thoughts. I would LOVE to read them!

Happy holidays to YOU and your family 🎉 

Show Notes:

00:29 – This week in the Messy Success Podcast

01:39 – Shine The Light Community Waitlist

3:10 – Meet our guest, Jennifer Jayne!

05:07 – Jennifer Jayne’s origin story

09:24 – The power in vulnerability in the community

11:31 – Jennifer Jayne’s superpower

16:02 – How core values help us in business

20:33 – The positive effect of knowing your core values

22:52 – Jennifer Jayne’s Six Strategy Sessions

24:13 – How to know your core values

30:59 – What 2022 will look like for Jennifer Jayne

32:03 – Jennifer Jayne’s course + FREE gift

34:19 – Jennifer’s socials below 👇🏻

39:08 – A Message for YOU, my dear listener 💚

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