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We made it!!!  Sit with me for the next half an hour as I reminisce on my journey, appreciate what I have right now, and look forward to what’s coming next. NOTE: We’re also going to take a little break SO if you feel like you’re going to miss me or would like to chat, […]

100 🎉 Episode 100: Five Big Things Worth Sharing…

✨The countdown to 100✨ This is the part 2 of Episode 84 😁 And this time, we’re going to dive deeper into how Joy successfully managed and grow her Photo Boss online community. Grab your notebook and pens because there are a TON of golden nuggets here that you wouldn’t want to miss!! AND if […]

97: Growing a Community to Over 10K with Joy Michelle

✨The countdown to 100✨ In this episode, I’ve answered questions and shared my golden nuggets about those good-looking reviews we see online. And believe me – it’s NOT rocket science and it CAN be authentic positive reviews if you’ll stick to the goal of getting: ✨The actual transformation✨ Can’t wait to find out more? Grab […]

96: How to get Screenshot Worthy Content

Aannddd.. we’re back!!! After 3 months of hiatus, I’m starting October off with a fresh set of goals, clarity with what’s to come, and a big announcement about where my business is now heading. Tune in as I share along a chock-full of updates, ideas, information, and a FREEBIE that can help you, your team, […]

73: The Community Builder